ESD Work Station
ESD Pink Finger Cots
ESD Yellow Finger Cots
ESD White Finger Cots

2- Soldering Stations

  • 1-Channel soldering station
  • Setback, lockout, temp. window, F/C switching, standby, auto-off time
  • Front panel power switch and large, high contrast LCD display
  • 2-in-1 WSR safety rest, flips between sponge and brass wool
  • Stackable Units, saving space on the workbench
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
  • Supplied with WSP80 soldering iron and safety rest

Weller introduces a new digital 70 W soldering station from the WE Line, designed for vocational, prosumer, and professional uses. Just switch on the new WE station and start soldering immediately.

  • 40% more powerful than the WES / WESD station. The iron’s faster heat up and recovery time gets the job done quicker with more efficiency and precision
  • Easy to handle high performance iron
  • Intuitive navigation 
  • Low total cost of ownership 
  • 1-6-Seconds to Set Temperature
  • The Ultimate Solution for Lead-Free Soldering
  • 2-Goot RX-802AS Soldering Station is an ultimate solution for lead-free soldering available in India.
  • 3-Despite its less cost, this soldering station offers high performance in its class.
  • 4-Accessories – Handpiece Grip Rubber.
  • 5-Functions – Tip-temperature Recovery Features.
  • 6-Reduced Grip Heat – Patented thermal-insulation grip permits comfortable and safe work.
Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station

The HAKKO FX 951 is 75W digital soldering station.It has superior heat transfer and thermal recovery rate. It can be used in areas with high temperatures.The operating temperature range is between 200 to 450°C.It has a compact vertical design, which increases the working space on the work bench.It comes with HAKKO FM 2028 soldering iron. Optionally you can use HAKKO FM 2026, which is a N2 type of soldering iron. You can also use HAKKO FM 2032, which is a micro soldering iron.

It has an adjustable holder for the soldering iron. Adjust the holder to your working style. The holderensures accident free operation while working with hot parts of the soldering iron. Power saving with automatic sleep and shut off options when soldering iron is placed in the holder.It has a lock-type sleeve assembly for soldering irons which enables quick change of the composite tips.It has a control key card which enables locking at a temperature setting.It has an alarm which warns when the solder joints reach low temperatures.

Bakon BK969S Digital Soldering Station- 60W

Extremely powerful station in a new design..


  • Display Digital – Large LC Display
  • Power: 60W, 230V
  • ESD safe station, iron and heat-resistant silicon cable- A1321 Element, 900M Series Tips
  • Password-protected to preserve settings
  • Soldering Iron model: BK905
Bakon BK3300A Eddy-Current Heating Lead-Free Soldering Station

Eddy-Current Heating Lead-Free Soldering Station- 150W


  • Temp range: 50~600 degC
  • Max power: 150W Eddy current (Induction) high frequency heating. Rapid heating.
  • Upfront sensor placing. Accurate temperature sensor and quick thermal recovery.
  • Easy to replace ceramic heating element.
  • Aluminum alloy housing, ESD design.
  • Built-in cooling fan prevents soldering station from overheating, prolong product’s life.
  • Auto- Sleep after no actions for 20 minutes. Reduces tip temperature to preserve tip life.
  • Auto-Power Off after no actions for 60 minutes and it reduces oxidation when the iron is not in use.
  • Password lockout prevents unauthorized system setup.
  • Calibration output for temperature adjusting.